Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Down in the Dolphin Dumps

Several media reports have made been released regarding (including this one) how the Miami Dolphins are viewed as a team to eschew in free agency--despite the good tradition, fantastic weather, and willingness of ownership to spend money.

With all the assets there, becoming a destination to avoid almost always takes lots of managerial effort.

I feel sorry for Dolphin fans, and I have always liked the "Fins", but have no sympathy for their current leadership.

When General Manager Jeff Ireland asked then prospect Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute during an interview, I thought Bryant showed great restraint in not breaking the Miami leader's nose.

Instead, Bryant accepted Ireland's apology when it was offered by phone later.

In the general manager's apology, he even felt comfortable in stating that he "meant no disrespect" to Dez.


Talk about bad judgment followed-up by lousy judgment.

Yes, it requires steady arrogance and mismanagement to create a toxic environment that NFL free agents will want to avoid.

Sorry to see the Dolphins team is perceived as having that.

Best of luck with the draft Dolphins management, you'll need it to compete against the other NFL franchises who have signed experienced players that want to suit-up for their new team on game night.

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  1. As a Florida native, this makes me sad, though arrogance and mismanagement strike an oddly familiar chord...


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