Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Told You So

This post is directed at my father a Razorback fan.


Dad, I told you so.

I know how you hate the sound of that from your goofy son, but it applies in this situation.

Do you remember our conversation after the news broke that Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino fled in the dark of night during the middle of a season to take the University of Arkansas job?

I opined that Razorback Nation will regret that hiring.

To be the leader of an organization and bail on your people like that was unreal.

I felt that he was untrustworthy.

I have nothing against his coaching record, which is obviously very good, but one sleeps much better at night when you know that an honest individual is in charge.

And Coach Petrino's lies evidently caught up with him in Fayettville.

He was fired today.

I can't blame university officials for firing Petrino; despite the arguments being made that his excellent football abilities outweigh the problems in his personal life.

I don't think those defenders have a full understanding of the institution's liability that Coach Petrino has introduced with his alleged relationships and then (again allegedly) hiring someone to work for the school--based on qualities other than job skills and abilities.

As more information is released on the former coach and the employee in question, Jessica Dorrell, the story won't be going away anytime soon.

I hope the University of Arkansas finds an honest and talented replacement, and that Bobby Petrino gets his life straightened out--though I don't want to see him back in the NFL.  

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