Friday, March 30, 2012

Remember Mike Goodson when Drafting

When the Raiders lost a workhorse running back in Michael Bush to the Bears, I was watching if they would pursue anyone through free agency.  Bush is a good receiver, blocks well, and was the team's leading rusher last year--making most of his opportunity as a feature back while Darren McFadden was out injured.

Well, they did not sign anyone, but did make a notable trade with the Panthers today.

The Raiders acquired RB Mike Goodson for OL Bruce Campbell.

Goodson should fly under the radar going into training camp; as he only played in four games last year and rarely touched the ball.

But 2010 was a different story for Goodson, as he became the feature back, and gained over 700 total yards when the Panthers regular running backs all got hurt.

Like RB Bush, Goodson catches, blocks, and runs well--and is a good fit for a Raider coaching staff that will likely continue to emphasize their great running game.

Depending on the Raiders draft and McFadden's health, Goodson may be an excellent late round investment in a 2012 Fantasy Football Draft.

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