Wednesday, September 21, 2011

True Confessions: Of the Fantasy Football Variety

I'd like to clear my conscience of a few things after two weeks of football:

1)  I was big on Jamaal Charles

Yes, I had him ranked as the #3 fantasy guy earlier this year (behind Peterson and Foster, but ahead of Chris Johnson when he was holding out).  One cannot predict injuries, but history tells us that no matter how good a running back is, if his team is losing by three touchdowns in the 3rd quarter every week, the back's fantasy value will suffer. Charles was going to "suffer" through a long season on a bad team anyway.

2) I traded Beanie Wells and Miles Austin for Nicks and low-ranking receiver

It was prior to the season starting, I was deep at running back, and of course I am convinced that Austin was personally motivated to post great fantasy point totals just to make me look bad.

3) I passed on Kenny Britt

I had him high because he is big, fast, and I liked his performance last year; not to mention that the Titans brought in a veteran QB to throw to him.  I just could not get past the character issues--that he might be suspended and miss games.  So far skipping him has been a big whiff for me.

4) My fantasy team is 2-0 so far-- I admit that we are not good but lucky

Drafting Mendenhall and Gore as a solid one-two running back punch seemed like a good idea, but has me just disappointed now.  Some of the experts cited Mendenhall's overuse last year as a reason to stay away from him; I blocked it out.  Combine that with Isaac Redman stealing goal line runs, and I may be witnessing a recipe for disaster.  As for my other team "stars": QB Rivers has not been great, Nicks has been good but not stellar, and Mike Williams posted the magic negative total this past week.  Blah...


I am sure I'll have more confessions to report (that I am in denial about now) after a few more weeks.

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