Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday Night Injury

I learned last year that if you have a star performer with an injury who is questionable and is scheduled to play on Monday night, grab another player (teammate or from the opponent's team) at the same position for your bench.

That way, if it is announced that your star is unable to go right before kickoff, you have another player to insert into your lineup.

Otherwise, you have to play someone else prior to Monday's game or take a risk that might leave you with a zero point performance by your injured guy.

This week, I am watching the Giants' WR Nicks and his bad knee.  If he can't play on Monday, I also have the Giants WR Manningham.

Hopefully, Nicks will be a go--I like the Giants having a good offensive showing after a poor showing in Week #1 and playing a banged-up Rams squad.


  1. Well, don't draft Ochocinco. He killed my team with a wopping 4 points. Since he was expected to have a slow start, I drafted Sidney Rice to start...what a fail that was! He hasn't played yet!

  2. Thanks for the comment LMF, and sorry to hear about your bad luck. Outside of Brady, Welker, and a late round grab for Woodhead, I avoid Pats. They drive me nuts--it seems like someone different leads the team in fantasy points every week. I would rather have consistency.

    That said my son selected TE Gronkowski who along with Cam Newton thus far are the steals of the draft.

  3. As impressive as Welker and Brady's record breaking touch down was two weeks ago, I remain a loyal fan of Green-Ellis. I still say he's the unsung hero of the team.

    My biggest mistake drafting was Bush. I thought he would do well on the Dolphins..but that was a fail as well. Should I drop Bush or keep him around with my fingers crossed?

  4. You are right on Green-Ellis LMF.

    He was great last year and is a vital part of the Pats team this year. I just can't stand how they give him 20 carries one week and then forget about him the next. I would rather play a back that I know will be the center of attention every week.

    The fantasy future for Reggie does not look great. The Daily Dolphin writer stated that Bush went from playing 75 snaps in week one down to only 25 in week 2.

    He has always been sort of a change of pace guy with great speed and good hands, and the Dolphins will likely be playing rookie big guy Daniel Thomas more--leaving Reggie with fewer opportunities to shine.

    He is still a good flex player against the right team (if your league allows for a third RB starter).

    I would not drop him, but would be looking for someone else to start most weeks.

    If you have another option on your bench (or if someone is out there in the waiver pool) who can play, that might be better than suffering with Reggie on a weekly basis.

    I am sure your team management has been better than me--I traded Miles Austin and Beanie Wells for Hakeem Nicks and a bad WR right before the season started because I thought I had too many RBs. Despite winning my first two league games, I still look like a fool.

    Enjoy your day.


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