Thursday, September 15, 2011

Start or Sit: The Accuracy Challenge

For this week, at least, I can claim that my fantasy football advice is better than just about every paid expert out there.

My entry for the Start/Sit Accuracy Challenge over at FantasyPros scored a 146 or third place out of the fifty-eight experts the site tracks.  Keet Bailey and Kevin Roberts at NFL Soup finished first and second respectively; edging me by a mere one point.

But as with most things in life, I'll enjoy smiling and patting myself on the back this test result, fully expecting to finish next to last in week two.  


Note: I learned about the challenge over at the Fantasy Football Librarian's site.


  1. Let's hope so because I followed your advice to keep Bush and bench I made Cam my starting QB and took him off reserve for my second league after your tip.

  2. Haha, whoa LMF.

    I'd recommend benching Bush if you have a RB better to start. Siting Bush and then replacing him with someone worse like RB CJ Spiller would not be advisable either. Who will you be starting over Bush?

    Same with Cam. The experts have him ranked at around the #10 fantasy QB in the league. I also like that he runs and has a good matchup this week at home against a bad Jaguars team.

    But, if you have a better QB going against a weak opponent, I'd keep Cam on the bench--rookie QBs in the NFL tend to have stinker weeks while they are trying to learn everything.

    So, in sum, benching Reggie and starting Cam is not the best fit for all situations.


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