Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the David Garrard Release

I had another post ready until I saw that the Jags QB David Garrard was released today.

Now, he was not a top fantasy performer, but what does that move mean for other players of the Jaguars?

The stock for RB Jones-Drew certainly should decline some as the pressure will be great on one of the McCown brothers to run the offense. 

I'd avoid the team's top receivers including Mike Thomas and Cecil Shorts as the team certainly will try to establish a running game (and then watch defenses clog the box to stop it).

But, making a QB change right before the season opener may provide an opportunity for fantasy owners.

Remember when the Titans did that a few years ago or when the Cardinals dumped Matt Leinart in 2010?

Neither move translated into a successful season.

This could be an opportunity to grab the defense who plays the Jags each week--as it is likely Luke McCown and company will struggle and turn the ball over.

The Jags first five games are against the Titans, Jets, Panthers, Saints and Bengals.

In sum, avoid Jags players at least initially, but look for opportunities for their opponents.


  1. The release of Garrard might actually help M. Jones-Drew in PPR leagues. McCown may be forced to throw a lot of dump-off passes to the rb.


  2. Good point Anthony. A good/bad thing in a traditional league may not translate the same in a PPR League.

    He seemed to do just fine in Week 1.


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