Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Was I Thinking: The Good and the Bad of 2011

Back from a long break and ready for the season to start...

I found some hand-written notes on drafting from prior to last year's NFL season, and some of my advice sure is humorous:

2011 Selected Fantasy Football Notes

1) Grab Knowshon Moreno--new Broncos offense is run-oriented

Fortunately, I did not have a chance to draft Moreno as he struggled once again with injuries and failed to live up to expectations.

2) Avoid Broncos receivers (same thought with the run-oriented offense)

I did much better with this projection, but who would have guessed that Tebow would take the helm for the majority of Denver's games and the team would emphasize a ground-game never seen before in the NFL.

3) If Jermichael Finley is healthy, take him as your TE

Well, Finley did not stay healthy and had a disappointing year.  As with Moreno, I lucked out and Finley was off the board when I was thinking TE, so I took a risk on that guy for the Saints...What is his name?  Oh yeah, Jimmy Graham--and wow, what a season did Jimmy have.

4) Look at the Rams offense as there may be value at the WR

My thought was that the Rams had a new offense that would emphasize the pass. Sam Bradford was returning after a productive rookie season. So, I concluded that one of St. Louis' receivers would be a hidden star and good selection as a late round draft flyer. Wrong. The Rams stunk, dealt with numerous injuries, and anyone who followed my advice would have wasted a late round pick.


Finding the 18 or so recommendations and evaluating them a year later was fun; I'll be sure to do it again for next season--I am always good for a laugh.

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