Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adrian Peterson Arrested

When I saw that Adrian Peterson had been arrested in Houston for "resisting arrest," I immediately wanted to know several things.

Did he run from police and if so, how did his speed look?

How many officers did it take to place him under arrest?

Was he able to make sharp cuts on his rehabbing knee?

Did he get injured during the incident (besides reporting shortness of breath)?

Was his shortness of breath an indicator as to his current physical conditioning?

Yes, every news item does revolve around my potential fantasy football team.


One observation on the incident--the latest report says that an intoxicated Peterson pushed down an off-duty police officer working an extra job at a bar.

Numerous law enforcement agencies will not permit their personnel to work extra jobs at bars and clubs.

Too much trouble equates to too much liability for the agency.


  1. I don't know how to take the story about Adrian Peterson. He seems so nice and normal compared to most NFL players.


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