Monday, July 16, 2012

The First Round: Who am I Iffy on?

The first round of a fantasy draft can make or break your season.

Missing on what is supposed to be a star player can cause an owner to play a constant-game of catch-up throughout the season.

Last season, I chose Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall who underperformed.

Pittsburgh finally jettisoned their lackluster running strategy after the first few games, and emphasized an air attack--which had me benching Mendenhall some weeks.

Benching your #1 pick should not happen.

So, which top player am I squeamish on this year?

From's rankings, will Calvin Johnson (8) suffer the Madden Curse?

Can Drew Brees (6) overcome an offseason of turmoil?

Will Ryan Matthews (9) ever not be labeled a fantasy bust?

Can Maurice Jones-Drew's body last another season of pounding?

Ok, so I am a little concerned about those guys, but my biggest worry of the top five players is with RB Arian Foster (1).

Earlier this month, Foster announced that he was going vegan.

He will now forgo consuming animal products.

Now, I have nothing against anyone who chooses this path (I respect it), but it does concern me when an NFL running back announces this decision.

Such a change would require Foster to be "vegan fluent" to ensure that his body is getting enough nutrients.

Will he have time to properly monitor and adjust his diet during the busy season?

What impact will the new eating approach have on him by Week 6?

If he decides to change back to a regular diet mid-season, how long will his body need to adjust?

Foster's situation is certainly one that I'll be keeping tabs on up until draft time.

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