Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where will Peyton Go?

RJ Bell over at recently posted odds as to what team Peyton Manning would play for next season (after rating retirement as a 1 in 5 chance).

Here are the leaders with additional commentary from me:

1) Dolphins 20%

A once proud franchise with a good fan following--it would make sense that ownership in South Florida would be interested in making a big splash with Manning.  The team played well toward the end of the season despite having a lame-duck head coach and a cast-off second-string QB in Matt Moore.  With Moore, the team would have options if Peyton is not immediately ready.

2) Redskins 17%

Similar to the Dolphins, the many proud Redskin fans are looking for someone to help end their suffering.  Big name players, coaches, and QBs (McNabb) have not helped, but with a free-spending owner, I see the Skins making a play for Peyton.  The defense played well early, but was inconsistent late, and Coach Shanahan has looked very average with no John Elway at QB.

3) Colts 14%

I don't see a scenario where this happens.  The Colts ownership and Peyton have been going back in forth in a less than positive way.  He is reportedly working out using Duke University's facility.  They will release Manning before the March deadline, and draft a QB at the #1 pick.  Welcome to rebuilding Colts fans.   

4) Jets 11%

The Jets are about as dysfunctional a team as one can imagine--a talented group, but wow lots of sideshows.  As such, I see them pitching Peyton, but can't believe they would be his favorite destination this late in his career.  As one gets older, drama becomes more and more a distraction to avoid at all costs.

5) (Tie) Cardinals and Broncos 3%

The Broncos are a "no." I expect them to draft a QB of the future (or the present if Tim Tebow falls into disfavor), and making Peyton an offer would make little sense since their roster will be geared to the running Tebow.  I think the Cardinals should be at a higher than 3%.  The Cardinals play in a warm place, have good offensive weapons, would allow Peyton to run the show, and may want to make changes without trading any of their remaining draft picks.  


My underdog destination would be Seattle. 

They have some receiving talent (youth and veteran), the running game is great with Marshawn Lynch (watching Lynch knock over, juke, and outrun potential tacklers is wildly entertaining), and a offer a solid defense.  If Peyton hit it off with energetic head coach Pete Carroll, they may have something special there.  

Pregame's full list is available here.


  1. Don't put him on the Jets!!! Talk about insult :P

  2. I'm not sure where Peyton will end up, but he almost definitely won't be playing in Indi...Also, I hope you are able to fix your computer quickly and with little cost (I noticed your Feb. 14 post about having computer issues).


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