Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Pick

Well, after listening to all the arguments about who will win the Super Bowl, I am going contrarian, and picking the Patriots.  I say 24-20.

It feels weird saying "Pats will win" is contrarian, but I have not heard much love for those New Englanders.

Instead, lots of inflammatory comments have been the storyline from Giants players.

I like how the Pats coaching staff seems to always have a creative game plan.

I look for them to run against those Giant speed rushers early and often--thereby slowing them down when Brady is ready to pass.

I am concerned about Gronk's ankle, but a bad ankle does not make a 6'7'' guy any smaller.  I expect him to be at least a good decoy.

As a big Hakeem Nicks fan, I would be concerned about his injury.  Victor Cruz has had a fantastic season and was certainly able to sneak up on defenses as Nicks drew lots of double teams.

So, I'll be interested to see how Nicks is playing early.


Whatever the outcome, I hope you enjoy the game and are surrounded with lots of good food.

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