Sunday, February 5, 2012

Congrats Giants

This is where I get to admit that my Patriots pick was wrong and give props to the New York Giants for winning the Super Bowl.

So now that I have admitted failure, I'll just change the subject.

Was it me or were the Super Bowl commercials really bad this year?



  1. The Super Bowl commercials weren't all that good; however, the game was great!

  2. You weren't wrong for picking the Patriots!! I rocked my Hernandez jersey even after it was over WITH PRIDE. LOL!! At least we didn't get creamed.

    That safety in the beginning killed us. Then nerves set in at the end. You could see everyone tense up. Sigh...Good game, and next time!

  3. What a game. I could stand to learn some more about football--it would make my hubs very happy.

  4. Actually, Bro, in my opinion the Super Bowl commercials haven't been anything special for many years.

    Yes, there was a time when the Super Bowl commercials seemed to be especially creative, unique and/or humorous, but there is very little first-rate talent in that industry anymore and I think it's been a good ten years - and probably a lot longer ago - since Super Bowl commercials were especially entertaining.

    Here in Phoenix, about the mid-point in every Summer, everyone starts talking again about it being "monsoon season", but hardly anyone seems to have noticed that we don't really have a "monsoon season" anymore. Other than maybe one, two, or three (usually) mild monsoon-like storms that quickly blow through, the monsoons stopped occurring ten or more years ago.

    In the same way that I feel Arizonans should just stop talking about "monsoon season", I feel that we Super Bowl fans ought to just forget the topic of Super Bowl commercials; they ain't "all that" anymore and they haven't been since about the last time Phoenix had a genuine "monsoon season".

    It was a dang good Super Bowl game though, and that's the main thing, eh?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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