Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tebow to the Jets

Not sure I think this is a good fit (and Mark Sanchez will be hearing boos for every incomplete pass as soon as training camp starts), but I getting a 4th round pick for Tebow is great for the Broncos.

He is a QB that they never really wanted, and they are ecstatic about starting the season with Manning at the helm.

The Broncos were not going to redesign their offense and acquire the personnel necessary to compliment Tebow's style, and they knew he had value to other teams on the open market.

Signing Manning, the traditional QB, and trading Tebow for a draft pick?

Sounds like a good business decision.

But, not unlike all business decisions, there is still risk involved.


  1. I think Tebow to Jacksonville would have made more sense.

  2. Tebow to the Jets? I still don't want to talk about this!
    I'm BEYOND upset!!!!!

    Honestly though, the Broncos didn't do too well with an option QB.

    I'll never be able to post a Tebow picture


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