Monday, December 19, 2011

One and Done

Well it was good news/bad news for me in fantasy.

I lost my last regular season game, but still made it to the playoffs (9-5).

Unfortunately, I faced a team that had a hot scoring week, and RB Frank Gore will not be able to score enough tonight to help me win.

I was hopeful that RB Felix Jones, who I proudly drafted with my 5th pick only to watch him be a fantasy bust this year, would score bundles against my lowly Buccaneers. 

And, the Cowboys won easily and Jones had good yardage totals, but he did not score a TD. 

So as I play for 3rd place next week, I'll have plenty of time to rethink my drafting in the off-season.

I hope your team is doing better.   


  1. I went 2-2 this week. Not too bad...the two wins were blowouts and the two losses were blowouts.

  2. Gore didn't stand out as all that special to me this season. I thought he was going to be my leading RB, but then Bush stepped up his game. 24 points this week from him!

    and LOL @ Woodhead's picture! I like Green-Ellis, so I was pleasantly surprised when Woodhead came through for me with Murray out for the season. I knew he was little, but that picture makes me look VERY tiny. hahaha


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