Monday, December 12, 2011

On Karen Kornacki

At the Chiefs news conference on the firing of head coach Todd Haley, KMBC reporter Karen Kornacki questioned management as to why the move was made so close to Christmas. 

She then suggested that firing the coach could have waited until the end of the year; as it would have benefited Haley's family.

Well, Kornacki is taking a load of ribbing online.

In contrast to Kornacki's belief, I think former coach Haley's family may be the happiest group ever to welcome home a newly unemployed dad during the holidays.

Instead of barely seeing the guy this Christmas, Haley's family will now have lots of time to spend with him--and the sizable payout he'll receive due to the contract being terminated will bring even more smiles.

This is a coach who has been paid millions, and will likely have little problem finding a new job in the off-season.

He will be just fine.

And, Kornacki is tough and will weather this storm.

At least this controversy did not involve her being shot in the face with a pellet gun by Kansas City Royals outfielder Emil Brown again as she was interviewing another player.       

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  1. You make a great point! He will have plenty of time now to spend with his family. :)


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