Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of the Fantasy Season

This is the last regular season game of my fantasy football league and 7 out of the 10 teams have either clinched a playoff birth or can still advance to the playoffs depending on the results.

Though my top three draft picks have been less than impressive this year (RB Mendenhall, RB Gore, and QB Rivers), I am still fighting for the playoffs with a 9-4 record. 

Unfortunately, my last game is against my son's team--he always seems to go on a late winning streak, and is doing just that in 2011.

Last year, all I needed was a win to make the playoffs on the last game, and I was playing the worst team in the league.  Instead, I lost and my son made the playoffs instead.

Just to make his dad look bad, he even advanced to the Super Bowl only to finish as the league's runner-up.

Perhaps this year, I can take bragging rights from him. 

If not, it will be another long off-season of Dad whining.  


  1. Your son drafted Cam Newton you said, right? Yea, you might lose again!! He's my QB for one of my teams, and he dominates!!

    All the boys are pissed because I'm in second place in one of my leagues.

    and Gore has stunk the past few weeks. I benched him about 3 weeks ago and put Bush back in. He finally stepped it up!

  2. I don't have any children, but I can empathize with you nonetheless. I've been eliminated from fantasy football in the last week far too many times. :( Fortunately, all of my fantasy teams will make the playoffs this year, though I doubt that any will win it all.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    @ LMF: No, that was another guy in our league drafting Newton. I had no clue on him. I don't blame you for putting Reggie back in--he has found a second life with the Dolphins over the past few weeks.

    And make those boys treat you like royalty--that is what the top fantasy owners deserve.

    @ Anthony: Congrats on making the playoffs. I am going to lose this week, but I think I'll still get in to the playoffs. I got some help this year.

  4. Thanks...and congrats to your team as well. Did your son also make the playoffs this year? A father-son rematch in the post-season?

  5. @ Anthony: No, my son was scoring lots of points at the end of the season, but it was not enouh to get him into the playoffs. Since his team whipped me twice in the regular season, I was sort of happy not to have to face him anymore.


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