Saturday, December 31, 2011

More Fun at the Expense of Broncos Management

I am not a Denver Bronco fan or hater.

But for some reason, I have had lots to post about on the Broncos.

And with my last 2011 post, why not offer another thought on the team formerly known as the Orange Crush:

Wouldn't it be ironic tomorrow if Kyle Orton leads the Chiefs past Denver, the Raiders win, and the Broncos do not make the playoffs?

This would be a final punch in the stomach for Broncos management that has seemingly fumbled through the 2011-12 season.

I refer to decisions like these:

--Tout Tim Tebow as the starter prior to the season and generate excitement around ticket sales.  Yet he ends camp as the third-stringer.

--Put Kyle Orton on the trading block and then can't quite reach a deal with at least the Miami Dolphins that would have brought a good draft pick or two.

--Apologize to and then hold onto Kyle Orton, he wins the starting job, and then is benched after losing 4 of the 5 games that he leads the team.

--Unable to move the former starter before the trade deadline and then cannot get anything for him this season, Orton watches games from the sidelines.

--Once Tebow's winning streak is in full swing, Orton requests to be released.  The team does not have to grant his wish; especially since he could be signed by someone that they may play later.  Someone in their division.  Someone who can end their season.  You know, like the Chiefs in Week 17.

--They release Orton anyway, and he is signed by those Chiefs.

Whatever happens Sunday, Broncos management should be criticized for providing the Chiefs with a capable NFL quarterback that could result in a defeat and no playoffs for Denver.

A game that might have looked quite different if Orton were still holding a clipboard on Denver's sideline--as in facing Ricky Stanzi (a rookie who has never started an NFL game) or undrafted journeyman Tyler Palko (who has a less than 60 quarterback rating this year).

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