Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday Night Games and My Fav Hit

These Thursday night games are tough for Fantasy Footballers.

Instead of waiting until Sunday morning for all the information to develop, you have to make decisions much earlier--some based on your best guess.

I am wrestling with: should I start Raiders RB Bush or go with Chiefs RB Battle?

With no McFadden, Bush will get almost all the RB touches this week, and he posted over 18 points last week.

He does play a good Chargers defense (despite what they showed against the Packers last Sunday), but Battle goes against a bad Broncos run defense and, outside of last week, has looked promising.

Battle does compete with two other backs for touches though.

So tomorrow night, I'll be biting my fingernails and making a call that will likely win or lose my fantasy game this week.


I'll leave you with my favorite Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit of all time--not legal by current rules, but whoa, was it a dinger back in the day.

Note: Eric Hipple was not seriously injured on the play, and remembering how bad my Bucs were back then, he probably returned and led the Lions to a two touchdown victory.

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