Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Respect

Listening to all the fantasy football fans must really get annoying for professional football players.

But how bad is it when your own family disses you in fantasy?

...Going into the year, we weren’t sure that Fred Jackson would start for the Bills. He struggled to get respect even inside his own house.

His wife didn’t select him until the fifth round of her fantasy football draft. She chose Michael Turner over him.

“[I told her] I’m not going to continue to sit here if you’re skipping over me in these rounds. If you don’t take me, I’m going to call your brother and tell him to pick me up,” Jackson said.

She drafted him. Like all of Jackson’s fantasy owners, she’s doing very well this year.

Too funny.

I drafted you Fred.

Wait it was in the 8th round.

Now that was a lucky pick for me.

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  1. LOL! I never thought of that...Good thing I don't personally know any football players because they might get upset at the amount of time I drop and pick up players. The only players I'm loyal to are Hernandez, Welker, Green-Ellis, and Brady...


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