Friday, January 6, 2012


Looking at the games for this week's Wildcard Weekend, I think that each underdog could reaonably pull the upset.

Remember how the heavily favored Saints bumbled and stumbled against the Seahawks last year in the playoffs?  The Lions have much better talent on offense (ok, outside of Marshawn Lynch), and I think their speed defense plays well in domes; especially their d-line.

This isn't so much about the Broncos, which is good since they are playing poorly, but more about the Steelers.  Pittsburgh is on the road in the thin air of Denver.  They will be without three important starters including their fantastic C Maurkice Pouncey.   QB Big Ben is banged up, not moving well, and the Steelers' running game has struggled all season--making them a throwing team.  All this could help the Broncos defense generate several much-needed turnovers.  Turnovers that have been missing during their losing streak.

I did not see the Packers lose to the Chiefs, but I did see the Falcons confuse and bother Aaron Rodgers for a half earlier this year.  They could do the same to Eli Manning.  The defense was good in 2010-2011, but has yet to live up to potential this season.  There is nothing wrong with the high-powered Falcons offense, and there is no snow in the New York forecast to slow the game down.  Will the Giants' defensive line continue to play well?  If they don't the Falcons could score 30.

Despite battling the flu this week, QB Andy Dalton will be well rested for this week's game.  They could have beaten a very good Ravens team last week, they just unraveled late in the game.  A.J. Green seems to always be open, and the presence of Cedric Benson gives the team a consistent running game.  And did you see who the Texans' QB is?  The team with a good defense but zero playoff experience will be starting former third-stringer and fifth round draft pick T.J Yates--and he'll be playing with a bad shoulder.


So pick all of these teams to win this weekend.

Just joking--don't.

Favorites are favorites for a reason.

If I had to pick one, contingent upon Dalton feeling better, I'd go with Cincinnati upsetting the Texans.

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  1. As a Steelers fan, I do kind of worry about that game...


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