Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early Mock

Andrew Perloff of Sports Illustrated just released his first version of the NFL's Mock Draft.

Yes, this is what all of us fans for loser teams (like my Bucs) do during the NFL Playoffs--think about how to get better players for next season.

Anyway, Andrew has the first five selections like this:

1) Colts: QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

2) Browns (trade w/Rams): QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor

3) Vikings: T Matt Kalil, USC

4) Rams (trade w/Browns): WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St.

5) Buccaneers: CB Morris Claiborne, LSU

The most intriguing pick this year appears to be the Rams and their #2.

They already have a QB they like in Sam Bradford, and will have a new head coach and staff.

A new regime that would likely love to trade that high pick for a package of other picks and starting players.

Griffin III is a hot item right now, and evidently the talent-level of the QB prospects drops considerably after Luck and RGIII are taken.

Combine this with the NFL rookie salary cap, and the Rams should get some very good offers.

I understand Perloff's argument, but am not sure if the lowly Browns will make that trade after the big money Redskins and Dolphins start bidding up the price.

I expect NFL owners to be more vocal than ever on drafting players after the Jags passed on Tim Tebow and he turned into a revenue generating machine in Denver.

I think after all the hype, RGIII could be marketed to a win-hungry fan base in one of those cities--putting bottoms in stadium seats.

One thing is certain, the Rams will enjoy all of the attention from this year's draft.


As for the Bucs, they have spent an abundance of high picks over the last few drafts on the defensive line and still can't stop anyone. 

Drafting a CB would make sense, but they have so many holes to fill, it will be interesting to see what direction they go.

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  1. In a way, it would make sense for the Vikings to push for a trade with the Browns for the 2nd pick, so the Purple People Eaters can get Griffin. The Vikings owner wants to build a new stadium and might need to generate excitement and a winning season in order to even have a chance of winning a stadium vote in Minneapolis or in a nearby county (and also convincing the state to help out as well).


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