Monday, January 23, 2012

He Can Run?

Two weeks ago, I heard former Cowboys star and current NFL analyst Troy Aikman state that 49ers QB Alex Smith was as mobile as Packers star Aaron Rodgers.

I about fell out of my chair.

Alex Smith can run? 


I admit that I am a victim of East Coast bias--I don't see much of the teams on the West Coast and with the Niners not being very good until this year, I have not watched much of them.

Anyway, I visualized Alex Smith as a pocket passer and not a running threat.

Wow, was I wrong.  He is fast and moved around especially well in his two playoff games.

After watching those Niners a few times this year, I think the future looks bright in SF because they have:

--A fiery motivator as a coach.

--A mobile QB who can throw, and only runs when he has to.

--Two good running backs

--An offensive line that is comprised of top draft picks.

--And, a talented defense that was ranked #1 this year in the NFC for total yards.

Now, I can look forward to another team pounding my Bucs for years to come.

And yes, after being rejected by the Ducks top man (Chip Kelly), the Buccaneers are still searching for a head coach.   

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  1. Alex Smith was very versatile (and fast) when playing at Utah. It's nice to see he still possesses those skills. As for SF, the future looks bright indeed for that group, though they will probably need to replace Gore soon--he is close to the dreaded 30 yr. old mark (b. 1983).


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