Monday, October 17, 2011

Who is Whining Louder?

Who is whining louder this morning: Redskins fans after a difficult loss to a reeling Eagles team or the saps that started Rex Grossman as a fill-in quarterback for the week's fantasy football games?

 I would argue it is me and the other fantasy players who watched Grossman star in one of the worst QB-performances of the season--resulting in an unreal -2 points for our teams.

I am thinking Grossman will be the most frequently cut player in fantasy football today and tomorrow as the Skins welcome the QB John Beck era.


  1. My youngest plays Fantasy football. The night he picked his team was most serious. Sure hope he pays that much attention to his studies.

  2. When I saw "Whining Louder" I automatically assumed you meant anyone in Minnesota......


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