Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Tim Tebow

It was announced yesterday that Broncos John Fox named Tim Tebow as the starting quarterback for the team's next game.

Tebow goes from the best job in professional football--that of the "backup" quarterback who is beloved by fans based only on expectations--to perhaps the most difficult: the starting signal caller.

From an outsider's perspective, it seems that Broncos management did not want Tebow. 

He was a first round pick by the previous administration, and multiple reports had Tebow as the third string quarterback as the season started.

Scouts dislike his accuracy.

He is perceived as a more dangerous runner than thrower.

And, Tebow is simply not "their guy."

I consider it reasonable to believe that Broncos management, tired of Denver fans demanding to see Tebow, inserted the young QB into the second half of last week's game so that he could fail.

Behind by two scores, against a top-ranked defense, and starting from inside his own ten-yard line, management expected Tebow to finish the game completing something like 6 out of 18 passes for 55 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions.

But, instead Tebow injected energy into the Broncos.

He rallied them for two touchdown drives--throwing for one and running another across the goal line himself.

The crowd went wild. 

Tebow's teammates were pumped.

And even though Denver lost, the Broncos management now had no choice but to name Tebow the starter.

Though they seem less than excited about the prospect.

So in two weeks, Tebow gets his opportunity to lead the Broncos against the Dolphins from the start of the game.

And what is even better for Tebow--playing the Dolphins game is certainly winnable game.

Now, you may want to stash Tebow on your fantasy team and wait and see.  


  1. Just curious, are you a Cam Newton fan?

  2. Thanks for the question Melissa.

    For the short-term, I thought Cam Newton would struggle this year--much like every other rookie QB in the NFL. Newton has continued to prove me wrong this year, and his athleticim is impressive.

    So, no I was not a Cam fan, but have learned to respect him as he puts a not-so-great Panthers team in position to win just about every week.


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