Saturday, July 19, 2014

On FantasyPros Draft Wizard

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I gave FantasyPros Draft Wizard a try tonight and was impressed.

To prepare for upcoming fantasy seasons, I'll use's mock draft tool and go against human and computer opponents--changing my selection spot to develop strategies for drafting from the beginning, middle, and end.

But I wanted to see what FantasyPros offered.

The Draft Wizard's start-up menu is easy to use, and the free basic service allows the individual to set the number of teams, the lineup requirements, scoring system, and where you pick.

Since their mock drafts have you compete against automated opponents, the drafting is fast.

I completed a full 15 round and 10 team draft in less than 10 minutes--certainly an advantage as compared to waiting (and waiting and waiting...) for other humans to choose.

My favorite option though is the evaluation tool. Once finished, the program will analyze your starters, bench, and overall team and then compare your projected points versus the other computer controlled teams.

In rating my mock draft (10 teams and picking from #3), Draft Wizard loved my starters, but believed I drafted poorly in terms of my substitutes.

Evidently, the system thought I took too many flyers once my starting lineup was secured.

One person's trash, another's treasure, right?

Upgrading to the "pro feature" allows access to more analytical tools and advice, and once the draft is completed, the system will allow you to back-up at any point in the draft, change your pick, and then finished a revised draft.

Overall, I'd recommend the Draft Wizard as a complimentary tool in developing your draft strategy. The program is fast, easy to use, and helpful in identifying what works best in the different scenarios.

I don't think Draft Wizard should replace or whatever site you prefer for mock drafting with humans.

Yes, other people can be annoying, but the unpredictable nature of fantasy football makes practice drafts alongside Bubba in Atlanta, Sarah in NYC, or Robbie in some sparsely populated desert town necessary to best prepare you for the real life confusion--better known as your league's draft day.

You can try FantasyPros Draft Wizard by clicking here.

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