Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chris Johnson or Bishop Sankey?

If I am looking for a RB in the fifth round of a 10 team draft (standard scoring with a flex player), should I select Chris Johnson or Bishop Sankey?

Initially with my mock draft practicing, I was going with Sankey of the Titans (#47 overall on

He was the first RB selected in this year's NFL draft; certainly a great resume and impressive skills.

With Tennessee, Sankey should be able to immediately win the starting job, and get lots of touches this year as free agent RB Dexter McCluster is more of a specialist and RB Shonn Greene is recovering from a knee injury and a less than impressive season in 2013.

But what about former Titan and now Jets starter Chris Johnson (#49 overall on

Expert Tom Kessinich was recently a guest on Sigmund Bloom's fantasy football podcast and argued Johnson over Sankey.

His reasoning was:
  • Johnson has proven that he can excel at the highest level while Sankey has not

  • Sankey had a heavy workload in his last two years of college, and that Kessinich was not that impressed with what he displayed on the field

  • Johnson produced with some terrible Titans' offenses and is very motivated to show his talents

  • Johnson's new coach is committed to the running game and their is more talent on offense in New York

In contrast to those arguments, I think it is reasonable to question Johnson as a potential declining star--those great RBs seem to fall so quickly and his last few years with the Titans certainly leave question marks.

I am not sold on Johnson yet, but Kessinich's points are valid.

I always like to watch the reports out of training camp to help me finalize my drafting decisions, and I'll keep a close eye on these two so that I can make an educated decision on which will be the better performer this year.

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