Saturday, July 18, 2015

Frowning on Cody Latimer in Fantasy Football this Season

Fantasy football analyst John Paulsen, on his July 7th 4for4 Podcast, made an informative observation about the Broncos offense that could be helpful in selecting a productive late round WR.

For fantasy WRs, I like to try and predict productive offenses, and then grab a third receiver or perhaps someone who is competing for a starting job in the preseason from one of those teams. The idea being that high scoring offenses will create opportunities for lots of players, and QBs who spread the ball around, can make that second or third WR a solid fantasy starter.

Recently, the Broncos have been one of those high octane offenses. I have been attracted to anyone that is on the field regularly with Peyton Manning.

But is that a viable strategy for this season?

Paulsen observes that the Broncos slowed the offense down significantly after Manning's injury late last year. That new coach Gary Kubiak favors a more balanced run-pass offense, as opposed to Manning's no-huddle pass and fireworks show.

Also, Kubiak prefers to run two TE formations that better support the running game. If so, this would mean only two WRs regularly in the game for Denver: Thomas and Sanders.

Who then would be the third WR left on the bench?

Cody Latimer.

In early 10-team mock drafts (2 WR, 2 RB, & 1 WR/RB flex), I liked grabbing Latimer (#105 ADP on as a last player reserve player, but Paulsen's observations have me reconsidering that idea.

Do I really want Latimer if he is going to watching much of the action from the sideline with a Gatorade?

If Paulsen's observations hold true, I would be better off taking a flyer pick on Eagles rookie Nelson Agholor (#103 ADP), Davante Adams (#193 ADP, Packers), or Mohammed Sanu (#185 ADP, Bengals).

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