Monday, August 4, 2014

Dream Another Dream

I was sad to learn that Giants' running back David Wilson is leaving his career in the NFL.

Doctors advised him to stop playing football last week after feeling discomfort in his neck.

We all want to be able to call our own shots.

Walk away from a career, a job, a competitive field, or whatever we love on our own terms.

Walk away when we are ready.

David did not get that opportunity.

He will always have to battle the "what ifs" in terms of how much success the talented former #1 draft pick would have had playing professional ball.

The "what ifs" that each of us deal with in considering roads not taken during our lives.

One consolation that may not feel like one now, but should be viewed with much more clarity as time plods along is this: David is walking away.

He got to play football at the highest level, and has his health.  He said: "...Now I have a chance to dream another dream and live that, too."

Great attitude David, and thanks for providing a positive example of how to deal with life's obstacles.


  1. We all have our 'What If's.'' Nice post...Hopefully David finds something else he loves to do... (and he does have his health, which is most important)....


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