Thursday, June 26, 2014

RB Value with the Falcons

Kimra Schleicher insights in this year's Lindy's Sports Fantasy Football 2014 are useful.

Reading her bio, she has quite the record of fantasy football success.

One sleeper that she offers is Falcons' back Devonta Freeman--arguing that with an aging Steven Jackson, he sure to see playing time soon.

Good point and I like Freeman too:

1) the Falcons have a high-powered offense that was down on its luck last season;

2) they traditionally have been effective in running the ball; and

3) not only can he run the football and catch, but he is regarded as a good blocker--no matter how much talent a rookie has, poor and/or confused blockers spend lots of time on the sidelines.

A negative could be that Freeman was in a timeshare throughout college, but that may be good in saving his body from hits.

I prefer to watch the reports after camps start in August before I try to predict which RBs and WRs are worthy of late round fliers, but Freeman is someone to watch.

I also would not forget about Jackson either. Lindy's mag has him as the #25 runner, and lists his ADP as 100.

As long as he is healthy at the beginning of the season, a late round pick invested in Jackson, may offer points in the first half of the season as he pounds defenses.


  1. I had Steven Jackson on one of my rosters last year. I regretted that choice.

  2. Ha, yes I had tabbed Steven Jackson as a guy I wanted to grab if the value was right. I lucked out in that someone took him higher than planned and it worked out in my best interest.

    Of course, I have my own fantasy skeletons from last year. I was really high on a RB named David Wilson. That one was tough to recover from with my team,


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