Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Round: Kickers Only?

Just about every fantasy expert will label your draft as "amateurish" or a "mistake" if you do not draft a kicker last.

Yes, kicker performance is difficult to predict from year to year. 

Will their team's offense score points and provide kicking opportunities?

What if the kicker plays for a good red zone team--won't that limit opportunities for 3 points?

Does the kicker's team play in a dome?  Does he have a schedule that includes indoor and warm weather venues to maximize his accuracy?

I agree that kicker's should be taken last, but with at least one exception.

In a ten team draft, I like to play match-ups with defense.  So, I pick my defense late and usually target a team that has a favorable week one opponent (aka lousy offense).  Often, the defenses that I want are not with teams that are in high demand.

As such, if I know the defense I want will be available in the last draft round, why not pick a kicker with the next to last pick?

I mean choosing an accurate kicker that plays for a high scoring team.

Is my draft a failure because I went kicker in the next to last round? 

I say "no" as I still get use both picks to obtain performers that I wanted.

In sum, picking a kicker prior to the final round is not the best scenario, but saying "never do this" could cost you an opportunity. 


  1. I think it depends on the scoring system, ie. how it awards points for kickers.



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