Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Were the Players Thinking?

What were NFL players thinking in not insisting that port-a-potties be installed on the sideline and available for use during games?

I mean that could have easily been added to the last agreement after this summer's lockout.

It sure would have saved Chargers K Nick Novak from his most embarrassing moment--a clip that will continue playing for years and years thanks to the Internet.

You can go here to see poor Nick.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Know When to Hold

It has been a difficult year for Denver Broncos' management.

They are starting Tim Tebow at quarterback--not something that team executive John Elway or Head Coach John Fox wanted to do.

And today, they released opening day starting quarterback Kyle Orton

This is the same Orton that the Broncos were shopping at the start of the season for a high draft pick to at least the Dolphins and the Colts.

But, Denver management failed to complete a deal involving Orton, and so months later, they release him and get nothing in return.

Evidently, Orton had requested the move in hopes of getting a fresh start elsewhere (thinking the Bears). 

Obviously, Orton was still desirable to other teams--as the Chiefs, Bears, and Cowboys tried to claim him via waivers.

The Chiefs had the higher priority, and expect Orton to be their starting signal-caller in a week or two.

Wouldn't it be funny if Orton leads the Chiefs in winning the AFC West over his old team the Broncos?

After Broncos management listened to their back-up quarterback and granted the release instead of just holding him so that no other potential competitors had his valuable services?

This has the potential to be a move that Denver fans will have difficulty forgetting.

You gotta know when to hold 'em.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Philip Rivers Can Reduce Crime

Suffering through a Chargers game a few weeks ago, I thought of an innovative crime reduction strategy related to football.

What if those convicted of petty crimes (minor shoplifting, vandalism, etc.) had their sentence based on how many turnovers that Chargers QB Philip Rivers makes during a game?

If he has one turnover or less, then the offender receives just a warning.

But, if Philip has more than one fumble/interception, then the offender is mandated to up to four weekend litter clean-up details on area roads?

I firmly believe that the stress of watching a full Chargers game with QB Rivers take each snap from center, covering your eyes, and then screaming "I just know this play is going to be another turnover", would be torture enough to keep people from wanting to commit future crimes.

Plus, no one would get off with a warning--Philip consistently deliver those weekly turnovers.

Ok, yes I do have Philip Rivers on my fantasy team this year (used my third pick), and dread watching him implode each week with the horrible interceptions and fumbles.   

So, despite not being a criminal, that'll be me every game weekend, with eyes covered and muttering choice words that end in "...Rivers."

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sideline Reporting

Who said that football sideline reporters never get any good scoops?

Michelle TaFoya did during last night's Patriots thumping the Jets:

Rex Ryan knew it was a mistake right away.

When Mark Sanchez took a time out with 1:24 left in the first half, Ryan was angry, already thinking about the Patriots next possession.

Ryan told NBC’s Michele TaFoya that the timeout was the “stupidest play in NFL history.”...

So, instead of the usual "coach talk" when confronted with a microphone, I offer this solution: Have the sideline reported just hang out with Rex Ryan and get his input on every Sunday night game.

They could pay him to watch the first half, he could assume his effective portrayal of a comedian, and the audience could just laugh and shake their heads.

It would be much better than the usual blah, blah, blah.

Rex, you won't coach forever, but I think you have a bright future as television court jester.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday Night Games and My Fav Hit

These Thursday night games are tough for Fantasy Footballers.

Instead of waiting until Sunday morning for all the information to develop, you have to make decisions much earlier--some based on your best guess.

I am wrestling with: should I start Raiders RB Bush or go with Chiefs RB Battle?

With no McFadden, Bush will get almost all the RB touches this week, and he posted over 18 points last week.

He does play a good Chargers defense (despite what they showed against the Packers last Sunday), but Battle goes against a bad Broncos run defense and, outside of last week, has looked promising.

Battle does compete with two other backs for touches though.

So tomorrow night, I'll be biting my fingernails and making a call that will likely win or lose my fantasy game this week.


I'll leave you with my favorite Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit of all time--not legal by current rules, but whoa, was it a dinger back in the day.

Note: Eric Hipple was not seriously injured on the play, and remembering how bad my Bucs were back then, he probably returned and led the Lions to a two touchdown victory.

Friday, November 4, 2011


As college football fans prepare for the showdown in Tuscaloosa this weekend, I am looking forward to watching Bama junior running back Trent Richardson.

Backing-up now Saints running back Mark Ingram, Richardson turned some heads last season with his abilities while Ingram was out with an injury.

Listed at 5'11 and 224 lbs., Richardson seems to have all the tools.  Speed. Quickness.  Elusiveness.  Good hands.

But the Richardson trait that stands out the most is his strength.

It looks like he can leg squat a house, and it shows on the football field as he carries would-be tacklers down the field.

I think the term "NFL ready" is overused by analysts talking about drafting college quarterbacks, but I see nothing wrong with characterizing running back Richardson as a guy ready for professional football.

He reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew--a versatile ball carrier, blocker, and receiver.

So, enjoy Saturday night's LSU-Alabama game as it may be a preview for players involved in your 2012 Fantasy Football Draft.   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Respect

Listening to all the fantasy football fans must really get annoying for professional football players.

But how bad is it when your own family disses you in fantasy?

...Going into the year, we weren’t sure that Fred Jackson would start for the Bills. He struggled to get respect even inside his own house.

His wife didn’t select him until the fifth round of her fantasy football draft. She chose Michael Turner over him.

“[I told her] I’m not going to continue to sit here if you’re skipping over me in these rounds. If you don’t take me, I’m going to call your brother and tell him to pick me up,” Jackson said.

She drafted him. Like all of Jackson’s fantasy owners, she’s doing very well this year.

Too funny.

I drafted you Fred.

Wait it was in the 8th round.

Now that was a lucky pick for me.