Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Round: Kickers Only?

Just about every fantasy expert will label your draft as "amateurish" or a "mistake" if you do not draft a kicker last.

Yes, kicker performance is difficult to predict from year to year. 

Will their team's offense score points and provide kicking opportunities?

What if the kicker plays for a good red zone team--won't that limit opportunities for 3 points?

Does the kicker's team play in a dome?  Does he have a schedule that includes indoor and warm weather venues to maximize his accuracy?

I agree that kicker's should be taken last, but with at least one exception.

In a ten team draft, I like to play match-ups with defense.  So, I pick my defense late and usually target a team that has a favorable week one opponent (aka lousy offense).  Often, the defenses that I want are not with teams that are in high demand.

As such, if I know the defense I want will be available in the last draft round, why not pick a kicker with the next to last pick?

I mean choosing an accurate kicker that plays for a high scoring team.

Is my draft a failure because I went kicker in the next to last round? 

I say "no" as I still get use both picks to obtain performers that I wanted.

In sum, picking a kicker prior to the final round is not the best scenario, but saying "never do this" could cost you an opportunity. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Luck Could Mean Best Excels

The unfortunate news that Lions rookie RB Mikel LeShoure tore his left Achilles tendon and will miss the 2011 season is significant for fantasy players.

Obviously, second year RB Jahvid Best's fantasy value has soared at the news.

I was high on Best anyway as my 3rd or 4th RB.  I like the Lions' offense, and think that a healthy and fast Best (unlike the unhealthy RB from last year) will post high yardage totals in 2011.

Plus, consider this.

Why did Peyton Hillis get overused by the Browns last year?

What do the Saints Chris Ivory and the Texans Arian Foster have in common with Hillis?

These three top fantasy runners of 2010 all got their shot after injuries to teammates.

So, it makes sense that Best could use the bad luck of LeShoure to enjoy a banner season for the Lions this year.   

It certainly makes him worth drafting.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nice Call Dan

While reading Pro Football Weekly's Fantasy Football Guide 2011, I was impressed by something that Associate Editor Dan Parr said.

In defending his rating of the Philadelphia Eagles team defense (13) as higher than almost all of the other writers, he stated this:

"...Don't forget Philadelphia is a potential landing spot for free-agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha."

I can't remember anyone talking about Asomugha to the Eagles until it happened.  The focus was Jets, Jets, Jets...

Nice call Dan.

Now that is good analysis.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plax to the Jets: Good for Me

Plaxico Burress signing with the Jets is great news--in a purely selfish way.

Plax signing with the other New York team means he did not resign with his former team.

As a Giant, he was a fav target of Eli Manning and would potentially have stolen red zone targets and touchdowns from the current top receiver there: Hakeem Nicks.

No Plax, means Nicks is still an appealing target for fantasy drafts in the second round as the overall #4 wideout or better (depending on who you agree with).

Nicks had a big year last year, and I expect the same in 2011.